Aloha and welcome on board: Giuliana Palo

The valcoba family is growing. We will introduce every new v-member in this blog section so you can learn more about who they are and what they are doing at valcoba.

Giuliana Palo

Giuliana Palo

Please tell us something about yourself.
Hello, I am Giuliana Palo. I’m originally from Italy where I completed my Chemistry degree. Afterwards I moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where I completed a PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry. After that I obtained my Master’s degree in Ecology and Environmental Science in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Meanwhile I have a family and raise our three children. I’m now living in Basel together with my family. In June I joined the Valcoba team in a new motivating and exciting experience. I am looking forward to new challenges in this profession and to gaining life experience.

What were your major projects you have worked in the past?
– Research in academic environment
– Teaching in academic environment
– Responsible for advocacy in humanitarian association

Please visit her official valcoba profile here


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