Aloha and welcome on board: Frederic Kaiser

The valcoba family is growing. We will introduce every new v-member in this blog section so you can learn more about who they are and what they are doing at valcoba.

Frederic Kaiser

Frederic Kaiser

Please tell us something about yourself.

Hi there, I’m Frederic Kaiser, am 32 years old and live together with my wife in Olten, Switzerland. I have just barely started to work for Valcoba as consultant in the IT Managment office on September 15th, 2014.
After studying law at the University of Zurich and obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from the University of Basel, I have been working in consultancy for the past 1.5 years.

What were your major projects you have worked in the past?
– Helping build and evolve the future state of the company’s integrated trialing approach
– Governing the project risk management process and evaluating different risk management tools to build up a program risk management process
– Supporting the implementation of an enterprise resource planning system including the recording of the business requirements
– Supporting the internal QMS of a consultancy company – Implementation of an internal MS SharePoint homepage, Maintaining the company’s process landscape, Support of the Continuous Improvement Process for existing processes, Document administration of quality management relevant documents (document management), Internal trainings for new employees on the quality management system, Maintenance of the internal process training plan and monitoring the implementation of internal process trainings

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