Aloha and welcome on board: Luca Formichella

The valcoba family is growing. We will introduce every new v-member in this blog section so you can learn more about who they are and what they are doing at valcoba.

Luca Formichella

Luca Formichella

Please tell us something about yourself.
Hi my name is Luca Formichella, I am 36 years old and lived until recently in Munich, Germany. I moved to Basel to work as Junior Consultant for Valcoba. After an apprenticeship as a chemical-technical assistant I studied bioengineering. During my study I had the chance to work and gain experience at the neutron scattering plant in Garching and at Siemens Corporate Technology. For my diploma thesis I moved on to the Technische Universität München and worked there for over six years as a research scientist on different translational projects in the field of in-vitro diagnostics and early drug development projects to overcome the problems of antibiotic resistance and to reduce the burden of gastric cancer. During this time I finished my Master of Science in Biotechnology and am now looking forward to interesting projects in the field of quality management in life sciences.

What were your major projects you have worked in the past?
– Research Scientist for the development and validation of new strategies to fight infections with multiresistant bacteria.
– Research Scientist for the development of an in-vitro diagnostic tool to predict the risk for developing gastric cancer in patients with a chronic H. pylori infection.
– Project member for the process development and conceptual design of a plant for the production of bioethanol from agricultural waste.

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