Happy Birthday Valcoba!


Happy Birthday Valcoba

Celebrate with us as Valcoba turns one!

An amazing first year of business

We look back at an amazing first year of business since our foundation on that bright October day in 2013. And we have come far since that day: When we first started out there were only six of us, today we count five more to a total of eleven consultants. Also, we are glad to announce many new strategic partnerships with a number of small and medium enterprises as well as multinational companies in the life science industry, thereby obtaining the chance to assist in various interesting and challenging projects. At this one-year milestone we look back at the vision that shaped our existence and are glad to see that the passion and tirelessness the founding members put into the Valcoba project is carrying fruits in form of a wonderful working atmosphere and high customer satisfaction.

And there is more of that to come in the next years, as we are looking forward to the future and striving for perfection in consulting in the life-science industry 🙂

Your Valcoba Team

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