A computer system validation project is currently underway. The project management and the team stand, the project has begun. Suddenly constraints within the resource management are emerging or scheduling difficulties make it hard to meet the project timeline. Contact us, we are happy to provide short-term help in the creation of individual CSV documents. The Valcoba CSV Assistance helps with their CSV expertise to bring your software validation project with a structured and pragmatic approach to the successful completion:

  • Providing of technical consultants (Junior Consultants) CSV individual tasks which have to be completed within 5 days
  • A CSV menu card that identifies and quantifies the individual CSV work packages (cost transparency).
  • The lead time for resource planning, provision of consultants for the task is about 3 days.
  • The quality of the created CSV work packages is ensured by the Head of Valcoba CSV Assistance.

Services of Valcoba CSV Assistance are compiled in a list. It will specify all CSV documents that can be developed quickly for you. The Service to create a selected CSV document contains the receipt of information from you as a customer (responsible for content), and the creation of the CSV document for your with your template by Valcoba CSV Assistance (formal responsibility). The prices for the creation of a single CSV document are fixed.

The size and complexity of the validation project determine the effort required in creating the individual CSV documents. The determination of project complexity is done by filling out a decision matrix that assigns your project CSV in one of three categories. Each category has its own pricing table. The project decision matrix and the price tables for the Valcoba CSV Assistance can be ordered from us.

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